Pumpkin Painting


My daughter came to me with a photo she found on Pinterest.

This is how many of our adventures start…  She asked if I thought we could do this.  That’s like daring a 10 year old boy to jump off the swings!   Of COURSE we can do it!  black pumpkin

We headed off to Michaels Arts and crafts and promptly spent over $80.00 !   Oh boy… these better be re-usable 🙂

We laid out the newspaper, got out the paints, cups of water, paper towels and foam pumpkins. (I guess that’s what they’re made of.. they are those hollow ones you can buy at the craft stores)  Oh… and glitter,  lots and lots of glitter!painted

My daughter, granddaughter and I got to work.  Squirting, tapping, sprinkling, painting, wiping off, giggling and ooohhhing and aaaahhhing…  When we were done,  here is what we were left with: glitter

So much fun!


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