Getting ready for Christmas (or, sewing like a mad woman!)


I got my JoAnn’s coupons in the mail on Friday, sat and made my list of who is getting what,  then headed out the door!

$127.00 later (that was after 50% off, a 40% off, and a $50.00 off coupon!)  Came home and pre-washed all the flannels and cottons and got busy cutting, clipping, sewing, and watching football.   (I really had no choice on the football watching thing,  the sewing room is in the family room, so I am stuck with whatever is on, unless I’m home alone). I will post the pajama fabrics and other gifts as I get them done.  Luckily none of my family reads this blog, so they won’t get a peek at what I’m making.

IMAG0212 I made some rice filled neck warmers (I’ve always got a sore neck and shoulders at the end of the day and I LOVE mine)  Just fill the pockets with rice, sew them closed and pop in the microwave for one minute,  instant heating pad.  Pro:  quick to make and no pattern necessary.  Con:  rice goes everywhere!  Oh… and the machine needle doesn’t like trying to go through uncooked rice!  I found if you put pins up against the rice that is in the bag and sew next to the pins without removing them it is much easier to control the rice while sewing!

I also got five bags made, but one has mysteriously disappeared!  I know a little 11 year old who was looking for a bag to put her “hair things” in for cheerleading the other night. She is also a huge Raiders fan… Hmmmmm   IMAG0214

I watched Sewing with Nancy the other day and her guest did a very interesting zipper inset that makes assembling these bags so much easier!   She sews the zipper to two pieces of fabric the same length as the bag, then attached the fabric sides to the bag opening.  It gives the bag more structure, AND is much easier to attach the zipper!  I’m having so much fun matching up the bag outsides with the insides. Going through my scraps box and finding so many fun fabrics!


Next are the mens bags,  I want to do the monogram embroidery on them and make nice shaving bags.  For the girls, I bought lots of fun silky fabrics to make Infinity scarves.  My sewing table only holds one machine at a time, so the embroidery, serging, and sewing machines can’t all be set up at once.

Oh… my head is swimming with all the things I want to make… and my cutting table is drowning with all the piles on it!   I had to clean it up last night after I lost a zipper.  I folded, stacked, swept, and organized EVERYTHING in my little nook,  still no zipper!  Really?  I really can’t imagine what my granddaughter would do with a 7″ Orange zipper… but you never know!


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  1. Can I pinch your rice bag warmers idea please? Fantastic idea.

    Also loving the ‘cheat’ zip method, I’m a huge fan any method that makes it easier to create even more delicious things.

    I soooo sympathise with you on space to sew saga. I too juggle between our little living room and kitchen, causing chaos as I go BUT the family just take it in their stride as they know I’m at my happiest in create mode.

    Happy sewing xx

    • I’ve been condensed from a whole room to the space between the kitchen and family room. It’s a little dark, so I have lots of lamps, but it is also the center of the home! I don’t miss a beat when I’m there.

  2. Hope I don’t sound a bit stupid, but I just wondered how much rice you put in, and is there a limit to how many times they can be warmed up? I’ve a couple of relatives who I usually struggle to buy or make for and these would be great.
    Thanks for sharing!

    • Hi Thimberlina,

      On the large “shoulder warmers” I use one cup per “pocket” and on the smaller “neck warmers” I use 1/2 cup per pocket. When I get home this afternoon I’ll measure the length and widths of each and post it. I really just cut and sewed when I made them, no measuring. 🙂

    • Thank you Linda! I’m on a tight budget this year so I committed to making most of the gifts. Now if I could just keep my daughter and granddaughter from stealing the gifts before I’ve wrapped them! Daughter found a the neck warmer and granddaughter stole two of the bags already. Aaaahhh!

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