Infinity Scarves and Bored Tweens


I’ve made peace with my serger and we have been collaborating on some Christmas gifts.  I had to make an offering of 12 new spools of beautiful thread, but we finally came to terms.  It is the Christmas season and I have a LOT of gifts to make!  Sometimes we have to make concessions for those less cooperative just to get what we need.  🙂 scarves

My daughter asked me to make her some Infinity scarves this year.  Once I realized how simple they were to make I made 22 of them!  Of course, I had to take 5 for myself.

They werefive scarves just too cute to pass up! I may make more, depending on how well the pajama pants assembly line works.  🙂  I had an interesting learning experience making pajama pants a few years ago.

When the kids were all teens (10 years ago)  I thought I would be creative and make them all pajama pants.  I got an incredible deal on flannel fabric and set out to make 14 pairs of pajama pants. What a great idea!  About 5 dollars per kid, and everyone would get something they can and “would” wear!  Teenagers are a whole different species of humans than children or adults.  They eat, sleep, dress, and speak in a totally foreign manner.

Well,  I thought I knew what I was doing and cut out 28 left legs, and no right legs.  Realizing what I had done, I ran back to the fabric store to get more of the same fabric so I could cut the other halves.  Unfortunately, I had bought the last of the fabric in that color.  I did find it in another color, and thus, the creativity was born.  14 teenagers all had matching two colored pajama pants!  (My daughters and all my nieces and nephews).

To avoid laundry issues for siblings in the same house, I embroidered their names into the waistbands.  I know my kids do their own laundry, but some of my sisters were crazy enough to still do their kids laundry!  Really?  Who does their teenagers laundry?  There is NO WAY on EARTH I am touching teenagers socks!  Clean OR dirty.  I’m sure there are multiple diseases and creatures that live on the surface of socks worn by teenagers.

I digress,  back to the Infinity scarves.  Once I mastered the serger, I made these wonderfully simple and inexpensive scarves for all the women in my family.  twenty two scarves

I also had to include this embarrassing photo of my granddaughter who is currently grounded from any and all electronics, including T.V. because she was abusing her cell phone and downloaded apps her mother had forbidden. (she isn’t supposed to text her friends and she had an app that allowed it). She got out my paints and used her adorable face as a canvas.

bored kid


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  1. Nothing much changes over the generations does it? Teen language, going after forbidden fruits (texting ) and socks!!!!!

    You really can’t beat an infinity scarf in my humble opinion …. I’ve crocheted more than I care to mention last year and this, yet they still give such pleasure and as you so rightly say actually get used which is POPTASTIC!

    Keep up the superb work x

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