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My Serger and I are friends now


Earlier I mentioned taking the Craftsy Beginning Serger class. After day 1 I was ready to throw the computer, the serger, and all the scraps through the window…
I took a day off, read some of the questions and comments on the class page, and decided to give it another go. Success! I figured out the tensions and completed 16 infinity scarves, 6 rice warmer bags, some quick little dresses for my grand nieces, and a few more bags.

boys rice bagsRicepins
I’ve only posted a picture of the rice warmers here, as I’m not sure if my family will be checking in here to see all the gifts I’ve been making. (of course, all they have to do is look in the bags under my sewing table and they would see everything, but I’m pretty sure they are afraid of my sewing area).
Thanksgiving was a perfect day! I kept it small. My girls, their significant others, one of my nieces, and one of my daughters’ friends who’s parents don’t celebrate Thanksgiving.

turkey trot
We started the morning with the Turkey Trot. My two daughters and granddaughter jogged most of it and I walked it. Dinner was perfect, and the family commented on how good the Turkey was. They said it was the moistest (or most moist, not sure which is grammatically correct) Turkey I’ve made! I’ve been making Turkeys for over 30 years, so that is saying something. After dinner we had some delicious mulled wine and lots of cake and pies! (this is why we do the Turkey trot in the morning).
Saturday after Thanksgiving I had my sister, three nieces, my two daughters, and three grand-nieces over to bake and make holiday treats. What a great day it was! We made Hot Chocolate Reindeer, beaded candy canes, glitter filled ornaments, and lots and lots of cookies!holiday crafting Here are the nieces and Grand Nieces decorating cookies.cookie decorating
I was really ready to come back to work on Monday. That “vacation” was exhausting!
I caught the 75% off sale at JoAnn’s fabrics the day before Thanksgiving. The store opened at 6:00am and when I got there at 5:30 there were already 23 people in line! I bought enough fleece and fabric to last me at least six months. I’m so excited to start making pajama pants. I measured everyone’s waist and inseam while they were at my house on Thursday. I measured their waists “after” they ate dinner!  🙂fleece for jammiesThis is a small portion of what I bought.  (a very small portion).


Summertime… back to school, and birthday season!


I’ve been in school myself for the last 6 months trying to “finally” finish my degree.It is quite entertaining having professors the same age as I am!  The school staff keeps thinking I’m an instructor!  

I was one class away from finishing 12 years ago when my life got turned upside down. My dad got lung cancer, my mom passed away 18 later my daughter had a baby, then my husband had a baby.. (not with me unfortunately) I got a divorce, found myself helping my youngest brother through his divorce.  We teamed up and raised his kids and my granddaughter together for a few years.  

Long story short… it’s 12 years later and I never went back to school.  In January of this year I went back to University of Phoenix to find out what I needed to pick up where I left off.  Well,  it seems there is no “picking up”… I have to re-take FIVE classes!  A whole years worth of school!  15 credits!!!!  Oh well,  can’t change it,  deal with it and move on.  

Now I am back at the point I was 12 years ago… 7 weeks away from graduating!  God willing, this time I will make it!  

Oh… and that’s right smack in the middle of our “birthday season”… My oldest daughter turns 30 this October!  Her sister turns 28, and my son turns 38.(Son lives in Arizona, so we don’t see him much).   We’re having a big backyard party for the one turning 30.  She is at the point in her life where she is enjoying being around family.  Well,  in my family, that’s quite a task!  I’m one of 10 kids!  (the second, and oldest girl), so when we invite my family over, it’s a big deal.  You know when people say,  “yea, we’re just inviting family over, keep it small”… ha ha ha… we have four generations right now!   girls in the car

My brother had a BBQ for my nephew a few weeks ago and there were about 42 people there.  That was just 6 siblings and our families.  Not bad.  Only 3 live out of state, so they don’t usually attend.  

In preparation for the birthday season, we have been working on the back yard.  It’s an old house and was previously owned by an adorable little VietNamese couple.  They love fruit trees, so there are many of them!  Lots to clean up!  Then we set up a patio cover, to block the sun in the afternoons.  It’s one of those pop up ones from Costco, but it will serve the purpose we need.  patio lights

Last week we cleaned up the peach tree in the front yard and I made peach cobbler!  YUMMO!!!!  peach cobblerI also froze about 12 bags of peaches for the winter.  🙂  Next week,  we have to tackle the other half of the back yard.  AAAaaaggghhhhh…. then I get to start the fun part… putting in flowers and making it all cute!  

Tomorrow I’m off to the hardware store to take advantage of the “end of summer” sales!  Want to get some twinkle lights for the patio cover, some potted plants for the flower beds, and maybe some fun little garden gnomes 🙂  

Homework is sucking up most of my time!  That and all these  new babies this summer!  Geez…  four so far!  I’m really good at throwing together some cute little bibs and baby quilts!(part of having a large family!)   I’ve still got on on the machine now.  Latest little great nephew. His parents met in the army, so I found some adorable little “U.S. Army” fabric to back the quilt with.  I just finished the top.  Need to put on a border, then do the assembly part.  Can’t wait till it’s finished!  Then it’s on to the next one… Baby shower is August 23rd!  Better get moving on that!  

Cute machine covers


There is a group on Ravelry for “Sewists” and I love to go there and check out all the great projects people are working on.  It’s so inspirational.

A few weeks ago one of the Projects put up was a “Sewing Machine Cover”… so I got inspired.  So inspired I made SIX of them!  (Yes, I have six machines).

One of my machines is an Embroidery machine, so I used it to make a front pocket for each of the covers.  This cover is for the Basic sewing machine I have…  DSCF2299

Each of the machines has a different “accent” color.  I used orange, yellow, green, and blue to make the sides and pockets.

With the leftover fabric I made a skirt for the front of my cutting table. (To hide the stacks of junk underneath!)

Of course, I was on a roll then, so I made an ironing board cover  and a strand of bunting (little flags) to hang above the windows.

It really perks up the room.  Now, if that silly canary would quit leaving his messes all over the floor it would stay tidy!  Well,  at least until I go back in and start another project.

Teen Beach Movie and our upcoming cruise


I’m taking my girl on a Disney Cruise for her 11th birthday. Neither of us has ever been on a cruise, so we are both so excited! She asked me to make her a dress like the one in the Disney movie, Teen Beach Movie. She loves that movie and knows all the songs, dances, and conversations! When she watches the movie we have to move the furniture out of the way so she can dance along with the characters!Teen Beach movie dress front
teen beach movie dancingNow that she has the dress to match the movie she is out of control! We went to the beach a few weeks ago and she had to wear the dress. (She took it off after 15 minutes so she could go play in the water!)

The first night of the cruise has a “Pirate Party” on deck.  We went to visit my sister over the weekend and she had the PERFECT outfit for her to wear!  Of course, after all the margaritas and food, we left without it.  Just gives us an excuse to go back and visit her, her granddaughters, and those adorable baby bunnies they have.


Excited about opening my sewing school




I’m getting the sewing studio ready to run a sewing school. I’m so excited about it. Of course the perfectionist in me is frustrated with all the “little” things I can’t change or fix because I’m renting. I’m hoping all the updates I make to the “surface” are enough to make the studio fun and inviting.

I had a few of the Cheerleaders here the weekend before Christmas and they all volunteered to be my “sample class”. I wanted to see how long it would take me to teach them how to use a machine and make a pillow case. It turned out to be about 3 hours. Of course there was lots of silliness and snacking during the lesson.

I’ve moved the furniture around twice, just finished covers for all the machines, and am now thinking I need some curtains for the massive windows. There are currently blinds on them but they are so “boring”!!!

I’m now going to focus on the samples and class outlines…  I’m so excited to share this craft with people who want to learn to create their own items!

Training the little Chewy… morning walks


 It’s my job to walk the little Chewinator every morning after I take Destiny to school.  I enjoy taking a short walk in the neighborhood (as long as my feet aren’t on fire).  However,  the little prince at the other end of the leash has a different idea of what our morning walks are supposed to be. 

His idea is…  pee on everything he can,  tell every dog that is male that this is HIS neighborhood, and it doesn’t matter if they can bite him in half in one bite,  he still owns the block, and he will stop and sniff any and all bushes, flowers, and weird looking things that he comes in contact with.  

I do not change my cadence at all while walking.  I use the retractable leash and he darts back and forth in front of and behind me knowing how far he can go before he runs out of leash.  Until…..   there is another dog on the same side of the street as us!    Then,  within his little tiny walnut sized brain,   he suddenly becomes:   The incredible “Kujo”…. and I shorten his leash to 3 feet long.   He starts barking and lunging like he is going to tear their head off!   How DARE they walk on “his” side of the street while he is out for his morning jaunt!  

Oh,  I just want to pick him up and spank his infant sized butt and put him into a lunch box!   However,   there are two other people who walk him during the day,  and they will not follow the same training routine as I will.  So….. I’ve decided to come up with a secret weapon!    LUNCHMEAT!  

When we came home from our walk this morning, he wanted a treat.  Heck no I wasn’t about to give him a treat… he had just acted like a spoiled little two year old!   (I know,  he is just a dog and behaving like he is trained to).  So, I decided to make him “earn” that treat.  Instead of the same old dried chicken treat,  I got out a piece of lunchmeat.  I made him work for it.  Doing his tricks,   sit, stay, down,  etc.   So, then it hit me.   Tomorrow morning,  I’m taking the lunch meat with me.   When we come across another dog,  I’m bringing out the lunch meat!  We’re going to try a little diversion tactic!    LUNCHMEAT  as a treat to distract him from the other dogs.   We’ll see how it works.  

Anyway…. today is,  iron, prep a bunch of bias tape, and a lot of the small items for the monster butts. 

Have a great Tuesday!