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Finished another baby quilt


My Grand Nephew was born on July 1st this year.  It’s sooo close to the 4th of July, which would have been a perfect date for his birthday!  His mommy and daddy met, fell in love, and married while in the US Army.

Used a rail fence pattern.  Simple and sweet.

Used a rail fence pattern. Simple and sweet.

He is the happiest, chunkiest, and most adorable baby!  I started this quilt for him just before he was born.  Then came summer vacation,  and cheer season, and halloween… and finally, four months later, I finished it.   I made my own binding and it was such a breeze putting it on.

His mommy and daddy did his room in “sports” theme.  Since I’m such a baseball lover, I went with the baseballs.

I embroidered his name and date of birth onto the top corner, but forgot to sign it on the back.  Oh well,  his mommy and daddy will tell him if he ever wants to know.  Deans quilt 1

My lovely but very unkepmt granddaughter held it up for me to photograph.  She had her hair all tied up on top of her head. You can see her feet and her hair in some of the photos.  She made me promise not to identify her on FB if I posted it! Deans quilt 3 The backing fabric was so much fun!  It is the US Army logo.  I know it doesn’t match the front perfectly, but because they met in the army I had to back it with this fabric!   . Deans quilt


What a busy month! School, Graduates, Baby Showers, oh my!



I walked in a 5k the morning before I went to my Niece's baby shower which was a 90 minute drive from my house.

I walked in a 5k the morning before I went to my Niece’s baby shower which was a 90 minute drive from my house.

Oh… I feel like I’ve been running in circles (o.k.,  walking… I stopped running a long time ago)! I’m “finally” finishing my Bachelors degree that I’ve been working at for many many years! I get serious for a year or two, then life gets in the way and I say I’ll take a semester off, five years later I look up and I’m not back in school. This time it was a 12 year break! I have four classes left! (don’t get too excited, 12 years ago I had only ONE class left, and life happened, so now I have to re-take some classes). I had to re-take some of the courses because they expired!!!! What? Are you kidding me? Business Law… o.k., I can see how laws change. Accounting, really? Accounting has changed? Also business Ethics. How do ethics change? Suddenly it’s not o.k. to sexually harass someone or take a bribe? Oh, it’s because the “laws” have changed… then why not teach that in the Business Law class? Oh, it’s because you want more MONEY from me to take another class! Why didn’t you say so in the first place? Can’t I just give you the money and you give me an A or B in the class? Meanwhile, life keeps marching on. Don’t these people care that I’m 54 years old and taking accelerated college courses? Or that I’m working a full time job and have a house and yard to take care of? Let’s not forget the Sunday dinners with the family and a few dates now and then. (Yes, just because I’m old doesn’t mean I’m dead… I still date!) My nieces and nephews are now all in their mid to late 20’s and they have decided this summer is the time to all have babies! Really? I can’t just go to Target or Babies R Us and buy some pre-made stuff that was made in some foreign country! I have to make them each a baby quilt and a few bibs and burp rags. My reputation would be RUINED if I just bought them something from their list they had registered for ! So, between squeezing in homework, keeping up with the garden, and housework. (oh let’s be real, the house hasn’t been cleaned for weeks!)… I have been cranking out a few baby quilts.Tabethas quilt Quilt I made for my niece Tabetha’s baby shower last week. The green is really gray. I didn’t have time to edit the photo. It was taken with my phone. Tonight I take my accounting final. In two days I am supposed to go to my nephew and his wife’s baby shower with the quilt I have lying on the cutting table right now. It’s going to be adorable… really! Oh, and here’s a cute photo of my granddaughter graduating from elementary school. (I have no idea who the woman is behind her).5th grade graduate