The day after


We had an incredible party Saturday for my daughters’ 30th birthday!  I was so pleased with the turnout.  Family and friends all showed up for what turned out to be a fun filled day of eating, drinking, music playing, dancing, and all around good times.  I was soo busy, I wasn’t able to take pictures.  I started two days before the party getting ready.   Cleaning, setting up the patio, cooking, and shopping.  girls together

Seating was something we were concerned with.  I estimated around 40 guests, and we only had four “acceptable” chairs on the patio.  I found six of the old plastic stacking ones in the garage.  They were very ugly.    Also,  last year I found a really great iron bench.  Much larger than the standard “front porch” bench.. it was a full sized couch length.  I have been meaning to buy a piece of foam and some cushions for the back, but it never came to the front burner.  Some craftiness was in order!  After a trip to JoAnns fabrics, it was time to get started.  I upcycled some old curtains from the garage and an old bedspread a friend gave to me.  The bench and chairs were now respectable looking enough to come to the party.  couch

The next issue was table space!  I could put a few folding tables out for food and things, but we needed cocktail tables near the newly cutified chairs and bench.  I rescued an old milk crate and a few buckets from the shed, flipped them upside down and covered them with plastic table cloths.  (matching the ones I put on the folding tables).  Voila,  drink tables!   (you can almost see one of the buckets next to this photo of the bench)….

The first visitors started arriving around 2pm. Her Great Aunt and cousins who were visiting from Mexico coming by to visit. It was so nice to see them.  Her Great Aunt looks remarkably like her grandmother, whom we lost a few years ago.  Somehow, it’s like hugging grandma when you see her sister that looks so much like her!  I was forced to practice my Spanish, which I haven’t used in a few years.  I did o.k.

Later the other grandma and aunts started coming by,  then the cousins, and the alcohol and music started.  Lots of BBQing, food, music, and laughter.  Memories were shared, new friends were made, and old ones reunited.  cousins(this photo is my two daughters and two of my many nieces)

As the sun started setting and the older visitors left, the music got louder and the group got drunker. (I know it’s supposed to be “more drunk”, but it doesn’t flow as well).  Her dad got out his guitar and we sang some old favorites.  We moved the tables aside and the dance floor was created!  I had put lights up in the trees and the patio cover, so it was a perfect nighttime garden party.  The first dance was with her dad,  then others filled the floor.

After all the sober guests had gone home, and the intoxicated ones were put to bed in air mattresses and guest beds,  I started the clean up.  All morning long on Sunday I cleaned up!  Finally, it was time for a well deserved nap.

That bench on the patio was the perfect place to spend my Sunday afternoon!  The puppy and I curled up for a nice nap under the orange tree.  chewy


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